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... what I still wanted to mention...

I was just browsing online mailorders for vegan food (don´t ask... all you´ll get is a snotty answer) and two pages of three I left right away when I saw they were selling vegetarian / vegan food for cats and dogs. I will not support any shop that sells vegan food for canines or felines. Just get it, kids, cats and dogs need to eat stuff that used to be an animal as well one day and that´s the (...Disney - music sets in...) Circle of Life. Humans demand their right to chose what kind of food they want to eat.... and if you let a cat chose it will go for the mouse. And my silly dog likes to eat frozen rabbit - legs he finds on the forest path. Try to replace the half rotten rabbit leg with a carrot.... Jonny would question your mental health.
No, on a serious note... I know that vegetarian food isn´t good for carnivore animals. Dogs can eat larger amounts of vegetables than cats but  still they need meat and vegan cat and dog food to me is nothing but a sign for the blind stupidity of people who selfishly ignore reality just to keep their own world order.

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