meerkat77 (meerkat77) wrote,

Well, we notice: as soon as I am working my activities here shrink to zero once again.
One reason is that I rarely use my laptop. I'm mostly online with my phone but can't post pictures via the LJ-App.I guess I haven't been at the laptop since I started to work again two weeks ago.

right now I'm glad that an other week is over and that I'm facing at least one day off.
On Sunday I'll be on duty at tbe Chorweiler quarter fair at an info stall from noon to 4 p.m.. Yeah, I know...for some that is like a weekend....but I'd prefered staying at home.
Haha....though to be honest...If I'd not be working that day I'd most probably would have been on duty for the pet shelter at an other fair in Leverkusen.
At least I get plus hours for the time in Chorweiler. ;-)

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