Da kommt nisch mehr viel....

20. David Benioff: City of Thieves
21. Wolf Haas: Der Brenner und der liebe Gott

Thas more or less it for this year. Even worth result than last year..... but I won´t give up. Maybe next year. ;-)

At least I can say that though I didn´t read a load of books I read a couple of pretty good ones (including the mentioned above "City of Thieves").
And one good book still makes me happier than a long row of bad oners.... or the kind that you´ve forgotten before you´ve finished the last sentence.


Book no. 19

19. Cornelia Funke: Reckless

I am planning to never finish the Inkheart - triology. I got stuck in the first couple of chapetrs of "Inkdeath" and sorta though: Man, this is in vain. I doubt I´ll ever finisht that one. Missing spark.. or something like that. I don´t know.
 Not exactly the omen you´re wishing for before you start a new book by the same author. Though I already owned "Reckless" and I payed enough for it (hardcover, you know!) and so I thought I should just give it a try (even with an unfinished triology on my back... yes, I tend to being compulsive sometimes... let us talk about something else, please!).

Wow! And it wasn´t a mistake to start all over. I got sorta sucked into "Reckless" and have to say that I pretty much liked it. Yes, I have thing for fairytales (especially those that sort of go bad) and I also have a thing for burdened brother - relationships. ;-)
All right.. and I like Foxes... and greedy dwarves... and treasure hunters.... maaan, this book must have been written for me. *lol

As far as I can talk "Reckless" seems to be the beginning of an other series (I think it will be an other triology) and all I can hope for is that Funke will be able to stear this boat over two more volumes without pissing me off this time.

ha ha sais the clown

18. Heinz Strunk: Fleisch ist mein Gemüse

I just had to read the earlier book of Heinz Strunk after "Fleckenteufel" made me laugh my head off (almost) and became my best recommendation of the year.
Welllll... I personally liked "Fleckenteufel" better.
Though "Fleisch ist mein Gemüse" ist still great.... but I don´t know if I should ever read it again in November. It comes with the biggest load of depression, despair and boredom (well... not while reading.. but about boredom... anyway...)  that you can imagine.
The strongest parts of the book are its educational factor (you will most definitelly know every (I said: EVERY) pop song that had to be in the songbook  of a party - band in the 80s and 90s) and the great quote - quality. I swaer that the sentence: "Der Mensch ist kein Beilagenesser" will be used regulary for the rest of my life. :-)



16. Thomas Thiemeyer: Die Stadt der Regenfresser
17. Alina Bronsky: Die Schärfsten Gerichte der Tatarischen Küche

My holiday so far was good for something at least: I read two more books. And actually thoser were two very enjoyable books.
I though have to realize that I´m reading stuff by German authors mainly in the moment. So I can´t guaranty for any translated versions... which is a shame in those two cases because I can really recommend both books.
The one by Thiemeyer doesn´t only score by featuring eurycantha calcarata (the insects I keep myself)... not in a major role though. They are just mentioned to discribe something but - hey!- MY insects... in a novel! *weeeee :-)
Besides to that "Die Stadt der Regenfresser" is an adventure novel for young readers (so says the label), sort of a classical adventure novel, setted in the end of the 19th century and coming its way with all the steam punk - features that we´d expect.

And now to something completely different:
Russia in the late 70s / 80s of the 20th century!
Rosalinda only wants the best for her family. The problem is that only she knows what the best is but she has her ways to get it.
To put it short: it´s a great read. Rosalinda tells the story in her own way and the story takes every possible - mostly sorta horrible - twist it can take. Not a really funny story but very ironic and very good!


book 15

15. Heinz Strunk: Fleckenteufel

 This book I actually refused to show interest in so far. I had the impression it was jumping on the train of Charlotte Roche´s "Feuchtgebiete" that was very successful two years ago.
Anyway... fortunatelly I read the book in the end because it´s brilliant... not a train-jumper at all but a very funny book that should be handled with care at public places because it has the tendency to make you laugh out loud.

I read a book.. but not a good one

14. Ulrike Renk: Echo des Todes

Let me say a few words about me and my reading habbits: I´m not a smart ass when it comes to reading. I´m not known for knowing the murderer in a crime novel after the first chapter and I don´t even make predictions on how a story will go on or what will be in the end of the next sequel.

So if I know who´s the bad guy right after his first appearance in the book it must be a really (really really) bad book.
So happened - you´re smarter than me, guys so you´ve already guessed it - in this book mentioned above.  Oh man... and besides to this is was written very poorly as well. I guess you can get a release for everything if you sell it as a "local thriller". I myself bought this book for my mum because it is setted in the area where she lives but the local - spirit can´t change anything about a crap story as well

Highly recommended

11. Victoria Schlederer: Des Teufels Maskerade
12. Matt Ruff: Bad Monkeys
13. Thomas Ott: R.I.P. - Best of 1985 - 2004

Three books worth checking out.
(Gosh... typing journal entries would be so much easier if you didn´t have a cat running over the keyboard all the time... I wrote this one short sentence three times!)

Unfortunatelly the one by Schlederer is only available in German so far. A story, by the way, I pretty much hope will be continued, as I already told my friend today. I can´t remember when I last fell in love with characters in a book that quickly.

Bad Monkeys won my heart with with a secret organisation fighting evil.... boring? Seen that? Been there?  Notreally! Ruff´s more creative than that (and so´s my taste, mind me!) and there are some great idea in his story... not leaving out the typical psycho - aspects.

The last book comes with a lack of words (if this is what makes a book for you). It´s a collection of graphic short - stories. Very dark, very disturbing and pretty pretty good.

A perfect ten

oh and since LJ sorta works tonight it´s about time I post my so called reading - progress....

9. Terry Pratchett: Nation
10. Hallgrimur Helgason: Zehn Tipps, das Morden zu beenden und mit dem Abwasch zu beginnen

Believe me, I´d really tell you the original title of the second book if I could find all the letters on my keyboard. *lol As you can tell by the author´s name already it´s Icelandic (for heaven´s sake. Is it "icelandic" after all or what do you call the language they speak on Iceland???). Anyway... the original title at least looks not less long and confusing as the German one. Hey.. and that book isn´t even that long... 
but it´s a good one and I can just recommend it. Fans of Globalisation will definitelly love that story about a Croatian mafia - hit man who has to leave the US after a job went wrong and gets stranded in Iceland pretending he was an American TV - priest. All right... and actually it´s also the perfect story for everyone who likes strange and snotty stories and isn´t afraid of a bit of violence.

About #8 I feel like I really have to mention that I liked this book better than every original discworld - volume I read lately. I don´t know.. reading about discworld is like coming home but it hasn´t been thrilling within the last year. "Nation" was fresher. An enjoyable read.
 (Even if you don´t count the fact that I was always thinking: man, I should dig for treasures on that island! *muhahaha)


Book #8

Yes.. it is true and I feel ashamed.. It´s May and I´ve finished 8 books so far. We won´t have to talk about challanges this year for sure. I guess I´ll throw a party if I cross the 10 - mark. *lol


8. Scarlett Thomas: The end of Mr. Y

Good start.. but then it sorta got out of breath and the end was somewhere near lame from my point of view.
I wouldn´t want to call it a bad book though. Worth a try for everyone though... especially if you understand more of physics and stuff like that than me.