meerkat77 (meerkat77) wrote,

I´m with stupid

It was so much easier to respect people before there was Facebook and you could see your random friends (fortunatelly not the close ones) share a load of right winged populist shit and even things from Nazi - parties, that are only still allowed in this country because someone at the court messed it up. :/
It´s so sad to see people you generally like repeating all that dumbass propaganda, that those right parties use to get the stupid on their side.
Unfortunatelly that crap is really going around on Facebook... and those people really don´t waste a thought or just don´t understand what they are actually doing.
A friend of mine has already stated that she´ll remove everyone from her friendslist who post stuff like that. I still try to long as it´s people that mean at least a luittle to me.. but I´m noticing that it doesn´t make much sence.
It seems like I have to realize:
I´m with stupid!
Tags: know your enemy
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